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International Trade

Three decades practice in international trade business, we have built a professional team which is familiar with international trade rules, has global vision and is experienced at international trade, enjoyed superiorities in the trade of commodities such as whole set equipments, high-tech products, petrochemical, nonferrous metals and mineral products, and introduced over 100 types of Chinese products to the world, earning high credits from domestic and overseas partners.

In recent years, we mainly import and export chemical products, agricultural products, nonferrous metals, black series (manganese ore, petroleum coke, coal, etc.), parallel-import cars, complete (whole set) equipment, electromechanical products, etc. The subsidiary “Yu Ou Cross-border E-Commerce Co., LTD” is using “O2O” business model, based on the "Xigang Gmall" online E-commerce store, using “Momtime O2O experience store” to attract customers and guide them to the online store, so that the online store and offline O2O experience store interact each other smoothly. For recent two years, this subsidiary ranked No. 1 in Chongqing E-Commerce business. It is expected to grow to a national level E-Commerce business soon.

We have gradually transformed our operations to headquarters trade, transit trade and service trade, created a new pattern of multi-discipline trade business model , and provided customers with integrated solutions such as customs clearance, customs inspection, logistics, supply chain financing and overseas settlement.

Bulk trade import and export

Complete equipment import and export

Complete equipment for hydropower plants

"Momtime" O2O experience store

"Xigang Gmall" ChongQing Jiefangbei Flagship Store

Bell multifunctional helicopter imported by Foreign Trade Import Company under Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. for Chongqing General Aviation Co., Ltd.

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Chongqing Foreign Trade and Econmic Cooperation(Group) Co., Ltd. is the municipal government to determine the city's opening-up and the implementation of the "comprehensive platform of going out strategy, is a large, state-owned key enterprises, is the largest local foreign trade enterprises throughout the country, is Chinese multinational companies 100 strong, Chinese top 500 service enterprises, the Chongqing foreign construction group of 4 consecutive ENR (Global Top 250 international project contracting)".

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