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Seminar on safety in production

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In November 7, 2016, the group held a seminar on safety production in the conference room on the four floor. (Wen Li photo)

November 7, 2016, the group held a conference on the work of production safety in the four floor conference room. Group general manager, party secretary Zhang Fengwu attended the meeting, deputy general manager of the group presided over the meeting, Huang Weidong.

At the meeting, deputy general manager Huang Weidong to convey the "Circular" Safety Committee Office of Chongqing government on the profound lessons Yongchuan District Golden Valley coal mine gas explosion accident lessons to further strengthen the work of production safety and the spirit of the central and municipal government requirements for new work safety is proposed, and the work of production safety of the next group made specific arrangements.

General manager Zhang Fengwu emphasized three points: one is the enterprise should learn from the "10 - 31" accident lessons, alarm bells ringing, the full implementation of the party with responsibility, a pair of "and" three must (secure pipe industry must pipes, pipe business must control security, pipe production and management must be the main leaders, Guan Anquan) "grab the lead, leaders in charge of specific work, other leaders directly grasp, implement enterprise safety responsibility strictly; the two is to strengthen supervision, earnestly carry out safety inspection, comprehensive investigation and remediation of all kinds of accidents, not immediately rectification with the focus on the development of the reform program, be the responsibility of measures, funds, time and plans to implement five" all risks must be on-site review after acceptance to register; the three is the group although few accidents occurred this year, brought some negative impacts to us Sound, but the group's security situation is completely controllable, we want to boost morale, confidence, do a good job of production safety, to ensure the realization of the group's major business objectives in 2016.

Each subsidiary (sub) the main leadership of the company, in charge of the leadership, the main person in charge of the affiliated enterprises of the group, the group headquarters of the relevant departments responsible for a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting. (Zhang Guoping)

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