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Winning the first group in the west of the Sino Indian Economic Corridor Project

Number of visits: Date:2016-12-21 09:02

In December 21, 2016, the Chongqing foreign trade group successfully won the bid for Bangladesh revetment construction contracting projects renovation, becoming the first Western contract Chinese BCIM Economic Corridor project enterprises, Chinese is the first western construction of overseas large water conservancy project enterprise.

It is reported that the project bidding for the Bangladesh Water Conservancy Committee, the source of funds from the world bank loans, the contract amount of $138 million, is expected to limit the duration of 42 months. The project is located in southern Bangladesh baguna Province, about 200 km from the capital Dhaka, the main contents of the dam 6 offshore islands of filling and protection construction, repair and new drainage gate, flushing sluice and other water facilities, and ancillary road engineering construction etc..

Since November 2015, the Chongqing foreign trade group to begin preliminary tracking of the project, through on-the-spot investigation and research project, to participate in the bidding process, the construction group, ranking first, passed the Bangladesh government at all levels of the organization and the world bank review.

According to reports, the next step, the Chongqing foreign trade group will focus on the implementation and management of the project, the quality and quantity of the project construction, and strive in Bangladesh under good chess upper hand, won the "good reputation", and cultivating the market, South Asia radiation BCIM economic corridor, set up a mutually beneficial cooperation the development of win-win friendship bridge for China and host country. (Office)

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