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      【Chongqing people dream outside】The Chongqing team to conquer Uganda's hell Road(Source: Chongqing TV)

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      Xinhua Chongqing, January, 22 (Shao Yinan), how to upgrade the traditional plate? How to become bigger and stronger? In the past 2016, Chongqing foreign trade and economic cooperation group achieved operating income, total assets exceeded 2...

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      Chongqing foreign trade group has four regional headquarters in South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, with offices in 39 countries and regions, to maintain a long-term business relations with 122 countries and regions.

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Chongqing Foreign Trade and Econmic Cooperation(Group) Co., Ltd. is the municipal government to determine the city's opening-up and the implementation of the "comprehensive platform of going out strategy, is a large, state-owned key enterprises, is the largest local foreign trade enterprises throughout the country, is Chinese multinational companies 100 strong, Chinese top 500 service enterprises, the Chongqing foreign construction group of 4 consecutive ENR (Global Top 250 international project contracting)".

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