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Chongqing, Europe and the company was awarded the third batch of municipal e-commerce demonstration enterprises"

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Chongqing is one of the first to carry out cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities, municipal government attaches great importance to cross-border electricity supplier pilot work. Chongqing Chongqing cross-border European Agel Ecommerce Ltd as a state-owned holding platform for cross-border electricity supplier Chongqing municipal government key support, in support of the municipal government and the Municipal Commission of commerce under the implementation of the State Council "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call, the first to break the traditional cross-border electricity providers "invisible, invisible" weaknesses, with unique "Internet +O2O+F2C+B2C" management mode, become the fastest growing and most high-profile fashion e-commerce platform of mother and child.

February 17, 2016, mayor Huang Qifan visited the company in Europe and Europe and the company's business model innovation to give a high degree of evaluation. In June 2016, Chongqing European company "Xigang global share 'O2O cross-border e-commerce trading platform" by the Chongqing Municipal Commission by letter as "Chongqing city" Internet plus "pilot project".

Outstanding performance, in view of the European Chongqing company in Chongqing cross-border electricity supplier in the field in September 23, 2016, with "Xigang global purchase" as the main business platform in Europe Chongqing Municipal Commission of commerce company was named the third batch of Chongqing municipal e-commerce business model ", the Municipal Commission of commerce requires a demonstration of new business efforts, and constantly improve the management service level management, promote innovation, product innovation, technology innovation and system innovation, give full play to the leading role of the demonstration in the development of the industry.

The next step, Chongqing European companies will conscientiously implement the spirit of the instructions of higher authorities, adhere to the concept of innovation and development, and strive to become the national O2O cross-border import electricity supplier industry leader, to make its contribution to the development of cross-border electricity supplier in Chongqing.

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Chongqing Foreign Trade and Econmic Cooperation(Group) Co., Ltd. is the municipal government to determine the city's opening-up and the implementation of the "comprehensive platform of going out strategy, is a large, state-owned key enterprises, is the largest local foreign trade enterprises throughout the country, is Chinese multinational companies 100 strong, Chinese top 500 service enterprises, the Chongqing foreign construction group of 4 consecutive ENR (Global Top 250 international project contracting)".

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