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International Distribution

As the first batch of foreign trade enterprises to go abroad, the group has 30 years of engineering, trade and investment experience, currently has 30 branches in 25 countries and regions, to maintain a long-term business relationship with more than 100 countries and regions, cultivate a large number of complex international trade personnel, a number of projects the investment project, become the country or region where the industry benchmark.

In recent years, the group ranked 100 of China's top multinational enterprises, the Chongqing foreign construction group is the first choice in southwest ENR (global international engineering contracting) of the top 250 enterprises.

Next, the group will focus on Belt and Road Initiative, Chongqing New Europe, Pakistan Economic Corridor along the countries and regions, the focus of study ", in India, Burma and Bangladesh economic corridor along the west along the economic corridor, Pakistan Economic Corridor and the country, stronger South Asian market, gradually into Central Asia, West Asia market.

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Chongqing Foreign Trade and Econmic Cooperation(Group) Co., Ltd. is the municipal government to determine the city's opening-up and the implementation of the "comprehensive platform of going out strategy, is a large, state-owned key enterprises, is the largest local foreign trade enterprises throughout the country, is Chinese multinational companies 100 strong, Chinese top 500 service enterprises, the Chongqing foreign construction group of 4 consecutive ENR (Global Top 250 international project contracting)".

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